Home decor is not just about a task to dress up your home but a pursuing journey of your own lifestyle.

Everyone deserves a better home life! However, we know that a home makeover project could be painful. Instead of relying on word of mouth or reading traditional home magazine to seek for interior designer, we start this platform to gather the profiles and albums of various interior desigers. Base on the ratings and comments from other users, you can easily decide the right partner to get the job done!

Hiring a professional inteiror designer is time saving and you do not have to worry about the technical part of the rennovation. However, to truely bring in good live to your habitat, don’t be lazy to learn about home arrangement. Home arrangement is the concept to organize your furniture in the way to improve aesthetics and uniqueness of your accomendation and to reflect the statement of your own appealling lifestyle.

We provide a place for home owners, interior designers and furniture sellers together to achieve one goal: To make home decor easier and share the inspirational ideas. At HOMMEGO, you will not read tons of words like you ever done with those traditional home magazine. We understand that you hate searching around news of furniture sales and need quick reference of the home style that you loved with lower budgets but high style. We also know that you find annoyed of rare source to buy and compare similar furniture which you desire.

At HOMMEGO, you can smartly become the designer of your own sweet home. Our heartful team brings along various sources of furniture from worldwide. You don't have to worry about preparing an exhausting trip and spending days to shop around furniture stores. Instead, in this marketplace, you can sort and compare different source of furniture with price and comments from other users.

We welcome all furniture suppliers and interior designers to join us to provide everyone the right choice as we all share our joy by seeing everyone’s better living.