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Browse your favorite home style from thousands of home interior reference photos at Hommego. Pick the most ideal furniture from the photos and get connected to the world's suppliers. Compare furniture from different sources by price, rating, comments to choose the best suit furniture for your home. Hommego will redirect you to specific page of the supplier to continue online checkout or pay a physical visit to the store.
Firstly, think of which interior style that mostly ideal to you. If you do not have any favorite idea in mind, you can have a quick look by simply scroll down at our main page that will give you a rough impression of how different home styles look like. Try to look for the stlyes which you feel ideal to you. Alternatively, you can use the PHOTOS button to select rooms/ spaces. Followed by checking the box of different stlyes, you can find range of interior design ideas at the selected space.
If you already have an idea of how to start your home makeover, it is the most direct to contact the interior designer who can be linked from the photo detail. From the information of the interior designer, you can find various contacting methods of the designer. For the rest, communicate with them and get a quotation. For someone who just want to decorate your space with furniture composition, go into the photo detail and source the furniture shown in furniture tag under related products.
Hommego provides you a platform to purchase from ranges of choices with the similar outlook of furniture. To do so, click the furniture icon right to the home interior photo, considering the name of supplier and price, enter into the specific product page. In the specific product page, you would find all product photos, specifications, rating and comments from other users for your decision to purchase. By clicking BUY button, you will be redirected to external specific page of the supplier to continue online checkout or obtain information for paying a physical visit to the store. You could also find other products which similar to that you find in the photo.
Hommego is a platform connecting you to furniture suppliers and interior designers where you may find interested to their products/ services. The contracts for the purchase, acquisition or obtaining of merchandise will be formed between you and the third parties selling, offering, or providing the same. We are not and will not be a party to any transaction between you and any third party. You are strongly encouraged to make whatever investigation you feel necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any transaction with any of the said third parties. We currently do not provide service for purchasing from suppliers or external parties. In spite of this, we know how it feels like with the loved items. If you have encountered any diffuclty dealing with the furniture sellers or interior designers, you are welcome to send us email via . We are more than happy to help out.
As we do not provide service for furniture purchase, location of goods delivery would be depended on the service availability of the respective furniture sellers.
HOMMEGO is not and will not be a party to any transaction between you and any third party. We do not hold inventory of any merchandise. Any return of goods is subject to the service availability and the return policy of the repsective selling party.
Finding your own home style and your desired furniture at Hommego is completely free of charge.